Payment Institution License

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Acquiring a Payment Institution License in Lithuania is a vital step for businesses looking to operate in the digital payments and fintech sector. Below is a comprehensive guide to help navigate through this process:


  • Regulatory Body:
  • The Bank of Lithuania is the primary regulatory body overseeing Payment Institutions in Lithuania.
  • Engage with the Bank of Lithuania early in the process to understand the requirements and expectations.
  • Application Process:
  • Submit a formal application along with all required documents to the Bank of Lithuania.
  • The application should include details about your business model, target market, and operational plans.
  • Minimum Capital Requirements:
  • Ensure that your business meets the minimum capital requirements set by the regulatory authorities.


  • Operational Readiness:
  • Show that your business has the operational capabilities to handle payment services securely and efficiently.
  • Implement robust IT systems, cybersecurity measures, and risk management practices.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) Compliance:
  • Develop and implement stringent AML and CTF policies and procedures.
  • Ensure ongoing monitoring and reporting of suspicious activities.
  • Consumer Protection:
  • Put in place mechanisms to protect consumers, including transparent fee structures and customer support channels.